Unofficial Bowling Tournament – Are you ready?

I got to know that not many people were interested in Pool Tournament rather they were interested in Bowling. Here is my question…

Are you ready for the Bowling Tournament?

If your answer is Yes…Then read the following, and if it is not your ball game, then don’t waste your time and do something that interests you.

OK, so now you have decided to read on….here is the deal.

  • You pay $10 per person as a registration fees and you arrange your own bowling shoes.
  • Based on the number of participants, we will make teams of 5 people each.
  • First round we will select BEST 3 from each team of 5.
  • Based on the number of people remaining, we will again make teams of 5 people each.
  • Second round we will again select BEST 2 from each team of 5.
  • ….
  • Final round…
  • We will make a team of 5 people and BEST 3 will be winners : Guru (1st), Pro (2nd) and Champ (3rd).

I understand…your question is coming….What will you win?
So guys, that we will tell you after we get nominations. And yes, family members are also allowed to be a participant.


Drop in your nomination details by leaving a comment here or if you prefer dropping an email, then drop me an email with your contact details at ‘anubanaries at aim dot com’ before 26th November 2007. I am planning to start the tournament on 1st December 2007.

Hope to see a good participation.

Please note: This is an unofficial event. This tournament in any ways doesn’t have to do anything with JCI, Infosys and TJC. We haven’t got any sponsorship from any of these organization. If you are from any of these organization and can help us get sponsorship, then please drop me a mail at the above email id.