Technomania is ‘Best Blog of the Day’

Its my pleasure to share with you this honor that Technomania has been awarded as the ‘Best Blog of the Day’.


All this has been possible because of you, the readers of this blog who appreciated it. I hope you like the style and the content of this blog. My purpose of this blog is to share the knowledge and information I happen to gain in my life. Be it science, politics, computers, internet or any other thing by which I can share the knowledge with you not limited to only technology and blogging.
Blogging is relatively a new medium. Though there are 50 million or more blogs in the blogosphere, yet more than 50% around the globe don’t know what blog is? how to blog? how to read blogs? and how to write for the web? If you are among one of those, then don’t worry, you will get answers of all those questions in this blog. Just browse the content of this blog by labels or the archives. You will get all your questions answered.
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Wi-fi in Sky on JetBlue Airways

As you might be already aware of that the low-cost airline JetBlue has equipped one of its Airbus A320 planes with an on board wireless network to give passengers access to the companies’ e-mail and instant messaging functions while in the air.


JetBlue is the first domestic carrier to test it with their new BetaBlue airplane. Passengers with WiFi-enabled laptops or Blackberry devices on the plane can connect for free to the on-board wireless network. Once connected, they can communicate with friends, family and colleagues on the ground using customized versions of both Yahoo! Messenger for the Web and Yahoo! Mail.

YMAfter signing into Yahoo! Messenger you will see which of your Yahoo! or Live Messenger friends are online. You can send them instant messages. Even if a friend isn’t online, you can use the built in SMS feature to send a text message right to their mobile phone. If they reply back, you get it right in Yahoo! Messenger.

A few special status messages that let your friends know you’re flying high with JetBlue. “Head in the clouds – seriously”, “Sleeping on the Plane” and “Ugh! Crying baby on flight” are just a few. Or choose “Custom Message…” and get creative.

When your status is set to one of the flight-specific messages, your friends will see your airborne status and be able to click on it, where they can view your flight location and status in real-time. (Credit : Yahoo!)

JetBlue’s BetaBlue plane is the first to offer these free services to its passengers. While you can’t specifically request the BetaBlue plane for your next JetBlue journey, be sure to keep your laptop handy the next you fly with them. You might just get a chance to try out Yahoo! Messenger from 30,000 feet in the air. Passengers won’t be able to surf the full Web. BlackBerry owners who have Wi-Fi-enabled handsets will be able to access their personal and corporate e-mail. BlackBerry models that have only cellular connections rather than Wi-Fi won’t be compatible.

Whether or not the airlines charge for WiFi, there is a cost, and that cost is likely to be passed onto consumers in one form or another. Well, I would love free WiFi on planes, but I think charging a small amount for those who choose to use it would be fair. Other problems which users faced were the power outlets, simultaneous wi-fi access and battery recharging. In the coming time hopefully those issues will get resolved.

SUP acquires LiveJournal from Six Apart : Some Highlights

LiveJournalSix Apart, the world’s leading independent blogging software and services company, on December 3rd, 2007 announced that SUP, an international media company, has acquired LiveJournal (LJ), the pioneer of social networking communities online used by millions of people around the world to connect through personal journals and topic-based communities. SUP has launched an American company, LiveJournal, Inc., to manage and operate LiveJournal globally.

Six Apart will also continue to represent LiveJournal to advertisers and sponsors for at least the coming twelve months. Brand owners interested in advertising on LiveJournal or Six Apart’s Vox may visit here.

“While we’ll miss being LiveJournal’s home, this is a great milestone for LiveJournal and also lets us to focus on the core products invented at Six Apart: Movable Type, TypePad, and Vox,” said Alden. “We are investing heavily in the products and have substantial growth plans for 2008.”

About Six Apart
Six Apart Ltd. provides award-winning blogging software and services that change the way millions of individuals, organizations, and corporations connect and communicate across the world every day. Founded in 2002 by husband and wife team Ben Trott and Mena G. Trott, Six Apart is a global company with its headquarters in San Francisco, CA, and offices in Europe and Japan. The company continues to lead in the blogging and social media industry with the Movable Type Publishing Platform, the TypePad hosted blogging service, and Vox, a free blogging service for friends and families. For more information visit the Six Apart corporate web site at

About SUP
SUP is an international online media company with established partnerships with businesses across the globe. It was founded in the summer of 2006 by an international management team with Russian seed capital. SUP set itself the goal of building a portfolio of high-traffic-generating projects based in Moscow from which to expand worldwide. For more information, please visit

Personally, I didn’t like LiveJournal much mainly because of the limitations of not being able to modify the template and the sidebar. The overall user interface is a little complicated and confusing. Lets see what this acquisition brings to LiveJournal down the line.

Technomania – Monthly Recap : November 2007

Here is the recap of the posts in November 2007 by any chance if you missed it:

  1. Diwali Wishes : The Festival of Lights
  2. Nominated for Blogging to Fame Awards 2007
  3. Unofficial Bowling Tournament – Are you ready?
  4. MyBlogLog Problogger Contest
  5. Technomania : ‘Reader is Everything Contest’
  6. Inviting Guest Blogger

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Technomania: ‘Reader is Everything Contest’

TechnomaniaRecently there have been so many blogging contests all over the blogosphere, be it ‘the 2007 blog awards’, ‘Blogging to Fame Awards 2007’ or ‘the MyBlogLog Problogger contest’. I was also thinking of starting my own blog contest.

So here goes my very first contest for permanent links in my blogroll and earning free blog review. This first round, I will give a permanent link to the very first 5 comments on this blog post. Second, I’m going to give permanent links to the top 5 referrers to ‘Technomania’ blog for the year. Third round I will select 5 others based on a point system, as follows:

  • 5 credits: Subscribe to my RSS feed.
  • 3 credits: Subscribe through email.
  • 5 credits: Link to me from your site/blog with the anchor text, Technomania
  • 2 credits: Comment on this post.
  • 10 credits: Write a review post about this blog on your blog/site, linking back to this contest post
  • 3 credits: When you add this blog in your blogroll. (So you can earn 3 credits instantaneously without much pain.)
  • 5 extra credits: If your Google Page rank is >= 5 and you linked to this blog.
  • 2 credits: Favorite this blog on Technorati.
  • 5 credits: Join my MyBlogLog Community before 30th November, 2007.

    You are free to do the combination of any of the above or just do one, the goal is to earn maximum credits.

    Why would you want a link on my blog?
    I have high goals and plan to get this blog up to a PR7 (or 3,500 visitors per day or 500 subscribers) by July 1st, 2008. As a matter of fact, if I don’t hit either of those goals, I’ll write a free Blog Review of your blog on my blog. The more credit you have, the more chances of your winning this contest or the worse you will get a free guest post or free Blog Review of your blog. Interesting enough…..!!!

    To get credit for links, you must comment here and include the URL to your page that links to my home page, the link must include the anchor text, “Technomania”, and it must be a direct link to this post, NO REDIRECTS. Blogs set up for the sole purpose of entering the contest will be disqualified. Cheaters will be disqualified.

    Contest ends on December 31st, 2007 at 12:00 AM and winners will be announced on New Year Eve 2008, that is, 1st January 2008.

    Hurry, spread the word and win the contest. As a matter of fact you are not going to loose anything, but the chances of winning are very high. Everybody can win.


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    MyBlogLog Problogger Contest

    MyBlogLog is having a contest where the community that grows the most from November 8th to November 30th will win. You must enter the contest to be eligible.  So far my community has grown by 1, which puts me at very low 457th place.

    The Prizes

    There is only one grand prize valued at $2600. The prize package includes:

    • 1 year Pro-subscription to MyBlogLog
    • $500 worth of search clicks on Yahoo!
    • 1 year premium membership to SEOmoz
    • A complete redesign from Designsbyrs
    • 1 year subscription to Yaro Blog Mastermind
    • “Featured Community” during December
    • Invitation to SOBCon 2008

    The current first place person has +120 members since the contest started.

    Help me out by joining my community.  I will love to join your community too.  I will even add you on my blogroll.  Good luck if you are also in the contest.

    Nominated for Blogging to Fame Awards 2007 – Please ‘Vote’ !!!

    imageI am very happy to mention here that my blogs Think About It, Just Laugh & Blog of Knowledge blog has been nominated for Blogging to Fame Awards 2007. Now the responsibility is yours to Fame it.

    How you can help?

    imageOn the top of the sidebar you will be seeing the adjacent picture. Just click on ‘Fame it’ and follow the instructions to provide Fame to this blog.

    imageIf you like my style then you came ‘Fame Me’ too. Same thing, just click on ‘Fame Me’ and follow the instructions.

    Other thing you can do to help promoting this blog is by spreading this message to others who can help in providing fame to me or this blog. I appreciate you magnanimity. Thanks in advance.

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    Store your file on the web with Windows Live SkyDrive

    Last year there were lots of Web Applications launched by Google, which includes Google Docs & Spreadsheets. That application makes it easy for you to store all your Microsoft Word & Excel documents online. You don’t need to carry a Pen-Drive or a Flash Drive with you if you wanna access them in office (Oops…in office, generally this application will be blocked because of the security policies of the company.) or some other place. Those documents can even be shared with all your family & friends so that you can discuss online with them or they can edit it if you have given them edit permission.
    Similar to that Microsoft has recently launched Windows Live SkyDrive?

    Windows Live SkyDrive is a brand new service that gives you 500MB of space for the storing and sharing of files. So it is a kind of ‘Pen Drive on a fly’ which can be used as a personal HDD on the internet.
    By default, there are several protected directories which you can store your files in. There are Public and Private folders. Private – Only you can view them. However, Windows Live SkyDrive lets you create specific folders to share with anyone on your Windows Live Contacts list. Your Public folder allows ONLY reader permissions for the public in viewing files within the folder.
    You can set specific permissions for those viewing your folders as well same as you can do in Google Docs & Spreadsheets. Sharing a file with family and friends was never so easy.
    BTW, there is another site Zoho which allows you to create online documents that you can share with anyone you like. There are lots of other products from Zoho like Zoho Write, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Projects etc. etc…
    Keep checking these cool applications, but before that put few words here and let me know if you like this information…..