Crossposting : Noise or Buzz

Cross posting is good when you want to broadcast something, so that all your friends on various networks get the news. For example, a link to your latest blog post or something like that.
But if everything is being cross-posted, then it creates noise.
That’s why while setting cross-posting features, one has to be really careful. You should be selective while cross-posting.
This is the reason, I use Friendfeed to update my Twitter status, Twitter to update my Facebook status, and so on. And I selectively update my FF status.
Posterous allows you to autopost, but in my opinion it creates noise on all the connected services as well as a threat of creating DUPLICATE content. If the content is being autoposted on your blog too. Isn’t it.
But people might have different opinion about it.
Let me know your views about it.

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Newspaper Future doesn’t look bright

“One of her many lessons was “always be aware of what’s going on around you”. After homework and chores were done, it was time to sit down and read the paper.”
This all being aware is now changing with the use of Twitter and likes. People are getting news from Twitter and Facebook etc because it is Live and tells you what is happening NOW. Not the old news which you read in Newspaper.
In my opinion, “Newspaper is – what happend yesterday. Whereas Twitter etc. – what is happening now.”
That is technology innovation which has changed how people like to know about what is going on. Newspaper need to build upon on that so that when people get the news, it is not old.
Or may be they need to move away from News and become Editorial columns which people can read when they want to. However that place is also captured by Blogs.
So the future for Newspaper doesn’t really look bright, unless they innovate something different.

Hope you agree.

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10 Basic Linux Questions, Answered – The Easy Way

Almost all my friends use Windows or Mac. (not many of them are geek like me.) And when I talk to them about Ubuntu (sometimes) they ask various questions.
I am trying to answer some of these questions in this blog post thinking that other Windows users might also have similar questions.
What comes out of these interesting discussions from various people who use Windows or Mac that they are in fact a little afraid to give Linux a try. And many of them just use Windows because they don’t even know that there can be a computer without Windows on it.
So here are some of these questions and their answers:
[via Knowliz] 10 Basic Linux Questions, Answered – The Easy Way

Disqus Blogger Comment Sync

@DISQUS Blogger native comment sync is one of the many things which I think is stopping lot of potential users to use DISQUS. Almost everyone using DISQUS wants to have this feature badly. All of them have been requesting this feature for as long as you can go back in history of DISQUS.
I don’t know why they are not able to achieve it already or why is it taking so much time, considering the fact, that other company (JS-Kit) has achieved it long back.
Till now I have been happy with DISQUS and just waiting for some of these feature. But the only reason I am not yet moving to JS-Kit is because I somehow don’t like the way comments look on blog using JS-Kit. Otherwise JS-Kit is a feature rich service which no other service has achieved so far.
Also, there is no feature which JS-Kit doesn’t have but others do.
So for now, I guess, I am just giving DISQUS some time before making a final decision. Just wish, the company doesn’t test the limit of users patience.

Thanks for your inputs as well Hugh.

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50 Firefox Add-on you should not miss to use

Though there are thousands of thousands of Firefox add-ons.  Everyone has their own personal favorites.  But I am sure some of them are everyone’s favorite.
I am trying to compile a list of best of the best Firefox add-ons and extensions which are useful for specific purpose so that I can quickly install them every time I install Firefox on any new machine.
I will request all the visitors and readers to help me compile this list by suggesting their own favorites and what they find good about it.  I will keep updating this list based on your feedback and after I try it.
Below is the list of 50 of my favorite Firefox Add-ons.  I have categorized the list as per my convenience and based on purpose.  Check it out on Knowliz…

10 Gmail Firefox Extensions/add-ons you should not miss to try

It will not be wrong to assume that almost every one uses Gmail. And most of the user are happy the way it is. But…More is always better. Isn’t it?

Now if you use Firefox, the second best browser in the world, you are in luck. Because you can extend the capabilities of Gmail by using some of the following Firefox Add-ons specially made for Gmail.
Read about them on Knowliz.

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