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Jaxtr : International Calls for FREE


I got to know a very good service for bloggers. With this service bloggers can be in touch with their readers without even revealing their actual number. This new service is Jaxtr. Let us see how it works and what jaxtr is?

What is jaxtr?


  • Jaxtr links your regular phone to the web, so you can hear from any caller worldwide while keeping your existing phone number private. You can even control who calls you so that your regular phone is not always ringing. (If you are that popular.)
  • You don’t need another handset like Skype as it works with any phone you already use, including ordinary landline phones. Moreover, you don’t need to download anything and install on your computer.
  • Be happy, as Jaxtr is Free. So you can call friends and family overseas at the same cost and with the same convenience as calling a friend down the street. (Source: Jaxtr)

How to make it work for you?


  1. Register for jaxtr.
  2. Link your regular phone(s) where you want to receive/make calls.
  3. Create a widget for your blog or social network or email signature etc if you want.
  4. Invite your friends.
  5. Put this on your blog as you can see in my sidebar.
  6. You are all set.
  7. When you plan to call one of your friends, just create a number for them in your account. (Remember, you have to provide your number when it says, ‘Call me Free’, you don’t have to enter your friends’ phone number.)
  8. Jaxtr will assign a number for your friend so that you can call them anytime you want for free.
  9. Every month you get 100 free jax minutes.

Cool, hmm…. Enjoy another free service to be in touch with your friends.
Call anurag.aries from your phone!

MyBlogLog Problogger Contest

MyBlogLog is having a contest where the community that grows the most from November 8th to November 30th will win. You must enter the contest to be eligible.  So far my community has grown by 1, which puts me at very low 457th place.

The Prizes

There is only one grand prize valued at $2600. The prize package includes:

  • 1 year Pro-subscription to MyBlogLog
  • $500 worth of search clicks on Yahoo!
  • 1 year premium membership to SEOmoz
  • A complete redesign from Designsbyrs
  • 1 year subscription to Yaro Blog Mastermind
  • “Featured Community” during December
  • Invitation to SOBCon 2008

The current first place person has +120 members since the contest started.

Help me out by joining my community.  I will love to join your community too.  I will even add you on my blogroll.  Good luck if you are also in the contest.