About Me

Anurag Bansal

I am a tech-savvy person who is always in search of something new & interesting.  I am a really fast learner, always try to learn new things.  I keep myself updated with Technology, consider myself very good in Computers Hardware, Computer Software and Internet technology.  I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession but blogging is my passion.

About Technomania:

Technomania consists of articles on technology, computers, Internet, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Firefox, Vista, Linux, Ubuntu, Office, blogs, blogging, English & Science.

Other Blogs I author:

  1. Knowliz
  2. Guturgu
  3. Just Do It…
  4. Blog-O-Mania
  5. Blog with Anurag

My Favourite Movies: Independence Day, Twister, Deep Blue Sea, Deep Impact, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, Golden Eye, Don’t Say a Word, Sharabi, Sholay, The Terminal, Prey, Unknown

My Favourite Music: A.R. Rahman, Anu Malik, R.D. Burman, Lakshmikant Pyarelal

If you like the content of this blog, then please don’t forget to subscribe. Any suggestion to improve this blog is most welcome and will be highly appreciated.

You can contact me through email at blog[at]knowliz[dot]com.

Have a great day!

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