Entrepreneur Corner : What you should know?

This week in Entrepreneur corner, I have some really long reads for my fellow entrepreneurs to help them become successful.  I found some really good tips after reading these.

Also I have started to curate all these articles in one place – Flipboard Magazine.  I invite you to add this magazine to your sources on Flipboard, bookmark it to read it later.  As you can guess, this magazine is aptly named – “Entrepreneur Corner” on Flipboard too.  It is embedded in this post and I strongly recommend you to subscribe to get updates on a daily basis.

For those who would want to read individual articles on the web, here is what you should know in Entrepreneur Corner:

  1. 50 Ways to find co-founders:  Starting a business without a co-founder could mean end of life and no time for family.  Inc. provides 50 ways to find the right co-founder for your business.
  2. 100 Great Questions every entrepreneur should ask: If you are looking for improving your business, you should ask these 100 great questions and see what is applicable to you.  Work on the most important ones.
  3. What you should know before starting your very first business:  Really good tips from users on Quora about what is required before you start your first business.
  4. How do you know you are entrepreneur, well there is a big list of signs.  If not, check out if you have one of these 50 signs that you could be an entrepreneur.
  5. To share the big idea in your mind, you need a business plan.  Here is how to build a business plan in an infographics.
  6. How to make it as a freelance entrepreneur: 5 key skills that go a long way in helping find success as a freelance entrepreneur.  Great tips to read if you are planning to freelance.
  7. The first and probably the most important rule of success – via Inc.
  8. Checklist: How to launch a Software App – A very handy checklist to help you organize your next app launch.

And as I said, below is the magazine on Flipboard.  Please subscribe and share.  Thanks.
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