Newspaper Future doesn’t look bright

“One of her many lessons was “always be aware of what’s going on around you”. After homework and chores were done, it was time to sit down and read the paper.”
This all being aware is now changing with the use of Twitter and likes. People are getting news from Twitter and Facebook etc because it is Live and tells you what is happening NOW. Not the old news which you read in Newspaper.
In my opinion, “Newspaper is – what happend yesterday. Whereas Twitter etc. – what is happening now.”
That is technology innovation which has changed how people like to know about what is going on. Newspaper need to build upon on that so that when people get the news, it is not old.
Or may be they need to move away from News and become Editorial columns which people can read when they want to. However that place is also captured by Blogs.
So the future for Newspaper doesn’t really look bright, unless they innovate something different.

Hope you agree.

Originally posted as a comment by Anurag Bansal on Knowliz using Disqus.


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