25 Reasons to use Ubuntu Linux instead of Windows

Lots of people argue why I should use Linux (any distro, I prefer Ubuntu) when I am currently using Windows or Mac. Given a chance to select your choice of operating system (OS), people may prefer to use Linux than anything else. The other thing which prevents users using Linux is the hardware support which is not that good currently for Linux. But that is because we have been living in a world where Windows is being forced to everyone when they buy PC. That’s why hardware manufacturers are also forced to support Windows first than any other thing. But this support has increased tremendously over last couple of years. At the same time Linux community has developed itself in making Linux (Ubuntu in particular) more user friendly.
Anyways that is an ongoing debate whether you should use Linux or Windows or Mac. And at some point it is a personal choice as well.
I thought of collating some reasons which might make you think twice while buying another Windows PC. And if you currently use Linux, then please add a comment to this post, why you use Linux and which distro you use so that others can get more information about it:

  1. Ubuntu is Free and so any other Linux distro. (Saved ~ $250)
  2. You don’t have to buy Office (Word, Power-point, Excel etc.) separately. It comes with OpenOffice preinstalled. (Saved ~ $200)
  3. You don’t have to buy costly hardwares for the basic need. (RAM. Processor, HDD etc.)
  4. Ubuntu is more stable.
  5. You are free from Viruses so you don’t have to buy another upgrade of Norton or any other Antivirus software. (Saved ~ $75)
  6. When you have installed Ubuntu, you don’t have to install anything else to get you started with your productivity.
  7. You don’t have to wait for years for the bugs to get fixed. You can track them down in Ubuntu.
  8. You can update everything on your system with just one update manager. No need to run separate Update manger for all the softwares you installed. (Saves your system resources.)
  9. Don’t get tired restarting your computer all the time. You do it almost never with Ubuntu.
  10. You are free from Pirated softwares. With Ubuntu you can share it with as many people as you want and it is LEGAL.
  11. Don’t have to bother searching the web for new softwares. Ubuntu gets a whole lot of software free of cost to you.
  12. Play hundreds of games for Free.
  13. Your PC won’t get slower day by day. It happens in Windows only.
  14. Use MSN, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Gtalk, Yahoo and many more with a single program. No need to install separate software for the same thing.
  15. Tired of managing multiple windows on your screen. You can use workspaces to manage your work.
  16. You old computer will get a second life. Because Ubuntu does not need those high resources as Windows.
  17. Jump into the next generation of desktop themes with Compiz fusion and all with lot less resources than Windows Vista.
  18. With Ubuntu, you are always free. Free as in Freedom and in Free Beer. Ubuntu is free and will always remain free. (Saves ~ $200 every 2 years when Microsoft releases a new version of its operating system and you have to buy it.
  19. All future upgrades of Ubuntu are provided free of cost. Upgrades are released every 6 months.
  20. Upgrades are installed automatically. You don’t have to bother about losing your data and redoing lots of personalization. *Edit* The updates are installed with your permission and only if you want them…not in the background without you knowing it. – Thanks freeber – A Ubuntu User
  21. You can tweak your desktop wallpaper or any other setting the way you want it. You can make it look like Windows or Mac (if you want.). You can even get the sidebar you were fascinated in Vista.
  22. You don’t have to defrag your hard disk every now and then to boost the performance. Ubuntu does it for you automatically.
  23. You don’t have to go to a shop to buy operating system. You can download it anytime you want it and burn it on a CD. You can even burn it on a re-writable CD to save some CDs.
  24. Thousand of user are there to help you with when you are stuck. Become a part of Ubuntuforums.
  25. You will get free and Long Term Support (LTS) for Ubuntu. Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop version also will get a LTS. (17 days to go for the release version.)

I think these many reason are enough to get you started with Ubuntu or any other Linux flavor. Keep visiting this blog for more information on Linux, Ubuntu in particular.  If you want to try it now you can download Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron (Beta) now and later it will be updated to the released version.

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158 thoughts on “25 Reasons to use Ubuntu Linux instead of Windows

  1. Nice list!

    I’d also probably add

    – No shareware, addware or nagware. If you want to try out some free and open source software you just install it. If it suits, keep it. If not, delete it. No drama, no follow-up emails, no pressure.

    – More than 10,000 applications are available for Ubuntu and can be browsed and installed over the internet with a few mouse clicks. Music players, movie players, all sorts of web tools and a vast array of graphics applications make up only a small part of this global repositories. This is equally tru for most other Linux distros as well.

    – Get the best performance from your computer. It doesn’t matter whether you have a seven year old Pentium 3 box or the latest and greatest quad core monster – Ubuntu can be optimised to get maximum performance. It comes in the standard 32 bit version as well as the newer 64 bit version. A version is also availaible for PPC (Mac) machines.

    – Unlimited learning. Although Ubuntu is very stable and secure, it is not “locked down” like Windows and Mac. The settings and code for almost everything is available to you to explore and tinker. The vast software repositories contain many tools for wannabe coders too. If you like to explore technology, go Linux!

    • hi, i am a windows user, when i read the 25 reason im started to get interested to use linux.
      but i have a question, when i start to use linux os can i still play the games that im playing in windows like call of duty… etc.?

      • Hey, I’m not sure whether your games will work in ubuntu, there may be some patch or emulator you can run to simulate windows, but it would be quite complicated and maybe impossible. If you wanted to try Ubuntu your best bet would be to install it alongside windows, this allows you a lot of flexibility in which OS you use. With a dual boot setup you choose which system you start up when you turn your computer on. I need some windows applications for work, so this setup works really well for me. There are many tutorials online on how to download side-by-side with windows. It’s pretty easy, you just need a USB stick, only warning is be careful when partitioning your hard drive – check youtube for tutorials and don’t do anything risky unless you’re sure!

      • I recommend loading any windows default game using wine. Wine allows u use windows and other os applications on Linux

      • You most certainly can my friend, you can play most of your favorite games and a large amount of windows applications (like steam) through the usage of WINE which is essentially an emulator which will run win apps 😀 another great reason to make the switch 🙂

    • > Play hundreds of games for Free.

      Haha. Those wretched ‘indie’ games which look like some 1995 or 2000 at best?
      Linux sucks at games. And Wine doesn’t help much, it’s but lame crutches in one’s useless tries to make a Windows game run under Ubuntu?
      I became an Ubuntu user 6 month ago and some part of me regrets that since I can’t run games I FLAWLESSLY ran in WinXP.

    • FAT32 sucks it really does duck!

      And much more than the NTFS file system in Windows
      and all the file systems in Linux suck all together!!

      DIE, FAT32, DIE!!!!

      • Look i love ubuntu i use it because it added a new life to my old windows xp desktop. It is free and fast. Everyone says that linux sucks well that is your loss and you can even try linux live from the CD, WITHOUT INSTALLING IT (PRETTY MUCH ALL DISTROS WITH SOME SMALL EXCEPTIONS)

    • Why don’t you have to defrag a linux machine, but you do a windows computer? i wish that was a leader for a joke, but its not…

      • because people don’t know how to defrag a linux machine. this isn’t a joke, a OS for few tech nerds to play around is useless in the real world. *btw, ext4 in linux has build in defrag program.

  2. I have a dual boot on my computer for both Windows XP and Ubuntu. I never boot to Windows, even though my weaving software is there, because Windows is such a hassle. I hate the way the Windows based programs all clammer to be first to run home and check for updates, etc. They hog all the processing power and leave me having to wait my “turn” before I can do what I want!

    What I wonder however, is if Ubuntu gets really popular, won’t we become the target for viruses, etc? The support team is excellent with updates, but I wonder if this could become a problem anyway.

    • I know this was posted many years ago, but to those searching the web as I did, but who may be a lot less knowledgable about Linux, I feel I should say;

      You have nothing to worry about as the USER of a system. The problem with windows is it grants almost every user account almost full privileges (referred to as root privileges in Linux), this is turn grants the applications run with the same privileges… In Linux you only have access to YOUR stuff… So any virus can only do as much damage as you could, which means it cant touch system files/functions that require root privileges, and it cant touch other users files *assuming they aren’t shared and you therefore don’t have access to them*

      so yes, if you’re foolish or ignorant enough to run something someone sends you without at least taking a peek at the scripts to make sure it doesn’t have any “rm -r /*” type commands in there, it’s only going to hurt your files, not system files, other users unshared files, or files that you may have a backup of being made in a folder you cant access for just such an occasion.

      Keep in mind I’ve been using windows since Windows 3.1 in ’94 til present and only recently started using Linux. So this information is factual, and without bias (I hope?)

  3. Thanks ‘Aubrey’ for adding some extra points to this list. I appreciate it.
    At the same time I agree with ‘Ety W.’ as Ubuntu might become a victim or viruses once it become popular. But I think viruses are there as there are companies who sell their software to protect them. In Ubuntu or any Linux, you don’t buy anything so I think virus for Ubuntu won’t make much of a business sense.
    Let’s see.
    And yes, ‘Butwheaty’….dude, I have used Windows ME, XP, Vista and Ubuntu. I wouldn’t think twice in saying that Ubuntu is far better than any Windows version. With so much less resources, it works like a charm. Anyone who have used Ubuntu will never go back to Windows, I am sure. Unless he is using some proprietary software which is not yet available in Ubuntu. Else everyone who loves performance instead of wasting his time for Windows PCs to respond, will love Ubuntu.

    • I have problem viewing videos from YouTube or even downloading videos from the net using Linux OS. It usually request for a shockwave flash which I find difficult to download. How can I be helped

  4. I have a dual boot system (Windows & Ubuntu). I think both have their strengths and weaknesses, so having both is not a bad idea. For one: how am I suppose to play all of my StarWars games on Ubuntu?

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  6. Gr8 list.. You have given me points to argue with ma friends to make them try linux !

    You missed something… about the FREE CD Shipping !

    My copy of 7.10 arrived yesterday by mail Absolutely FREE

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  8. Good post. Also you can use Wubi to download Ubuntu and install it on top of windows. You can download Wine to use windows programs with windows!

  9. Well, I am hearing about that site for the first time. Thanks for giving me one more resource for Linux information.
    May be you just happen to match apples to apples because all of the points mentioned here are true and will remain true no matter who wrote it first. And anyone who will ever write about linux will write about these points only.
    So I can’t also say if anyone copied from my article.

    Thanks for enlightening me.

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  11. Think I agree with Castever, its a better idea to have both Windows and Linux (at least for now).

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really a Windows fan. I have both Windows Vista Ultimate and Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, and most of the time I spent is in Ubuntu. The only time I login to my Windows is to play games. Computer games and a few other applications are things where an average computer user or gamer would think twice before installing linux.

    Although one may argue that gaming is somewhat possible on Linux, its not as compatible and supported yet (even with Wine, or Cedega), heck even my very old Final Fantasy VII wouldn’t work. Had a minimum luck with Crysis and Tiberium Wars.

    But to tell you the truth I don’t think that its the problem with linux. Its the problem that Windows has been pushed into our lives from a very early stage and that the big graphic giants Nvidia and ATI have supported them untill very recently. Even Apple Macs are only now getting some good game titles on their machines, which is due to the Nvidia promoting through their “The way its meant to be played” logo.

    What we need here is these graphic giants encouraging developers to release titles for Linux as well. But I guess thats almost a dream never comming true since both companies are money making giants and they wouldn’t get anything out of fully supporting a free, open source kernel.

    Just for small conclusion, if your a gamer, stick with Windows. For everyone else, including those who want a complete multimedia PC, Ubuntu is the way to go

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  13. I run Ubuntu, mainly because I had a friend show me it and I like it better then any Windoze distro out there. However one of the things I really like is the ability to get a large amount of free software with the apt-get command and through the add and remove software menu. People I have convinced to use it are more impressed by the fact that it’s free and has very few viruses. Actually someone I was introducing it to yesterday actually asked why anyone uses Windoze when this is there for free.

  14. This is a good list but many of these things, such as multiple virtual desktops can be done in windows (about 3 or 4 points that won’t count anymore) but! for those features you sometimes have to pay where as ubuntu is the COMPLETE package…for free!!!!

  15. Well lets face it, people who want to switch will switch. People who are curious get bit by the bug and convert or dual boot. And then there’s the ones that will never leave cause they don’t want to learn something new. It is pretty difficult to get someone to convert when its free, sounds silly but its true. Were led to believe if you don’t pay MS price, it isn’t worth it. But being free, its pretty robust and stable. I like it and I’m pushing for people to change instead of upgrading to a new OS that should be a service pak to the existing one.

    • What is there to learn? Nothing, Linux ( I use Mint) is way easier to use than windows x p and window 7, those two widows dist are a mess, download something and try to find it in your windows box. What a pain, I use both because there are some apps I need with windows, but Linux Mint is so much easier to use, it just makes more sense, I download something like a YouTube video and it goes to my downloads, whoda thought, I do that in windows and I have to spend the next 15 min finding it. Everything in my Linux machine is organised, the windows machine stuff is everywhere.

  16. I would love to kick microshaft to the curb, but im a pc gamer, so i might have to dual boot. I have raptor HD’s will this make a diff in ubuntu like it does in windows? I run 64 bit xp and have 8 gigs of ram, does more ram mean ubuntu runs even faster?
    I also compose music on my pc, like thru cakewalk and sonor. I also ways wondering about DX 9.0c and 10, I take it ubuntu doesnt use either?
    Im not comp illiterate, just free OS illiterate, :). my 1st pc was a 50 mhz power house!but everything i have ever does has been windows based, 95,98,me,xp…ect.
    Could someone link me to forums and

  17. I would love to kick Microshaft to the curb, but I’m a PC gamer, so I might have to dual boot. I have raptor HD’s will this make a diff in Ubuntu like it does in windows? I run 64 bit XP and have 8 gigs of ram, does more ram mean Ubuntu runs even faster? Does Ubuntu have a ram cut off like 32 bit Windows?
    I also compose music on my PC, like thru cakewalk and Sonor. I also ways wondering about DX 9.0c and 10, I take it ubuntu doesnt use either?
    I’m not comp illiterate, just free OS illiterate, :). my 1st PC was a 50 Mhz power house! But everything I have ever done has been Windows based, 95,98,me,xp…ect.
    Could someone link me to sites and forums that will help a newb become literate? Basic walkthru’s? I would love to learn more, I have 5 pc’s and 2 laptops, and I hate having to upgrade them constantly.
    Oh, and what about peripherals I.E printer, speakers, game controllers, fan controllers,CD/DVD burns…ect?
    I know that might be a lot to answer 🙂
    Thanks a ton.

    • I dual boot because of similar reasons. But what it means is that i boot up ubuntu every day, and 1 or 2 times a month i also boot up xp (chich IMO is the best windows os still). Some win apps that i MUST have, like notepad++ for coding and e-sword, does not run directly in linux, but i still get to run them from ubuntu because of WINE (which is awsome). DAW’s like cakewalks etc. im sorry to say that linux lakcs a lot for audio production. I’ve tried lots of things, and linux has all its cables hanging out and its a long learning curve, and its not stable. The ONLY audio production app i run is RENOISE 2.7, but that on the other hand runs very very nicely. This is the main reason why i still keep xp. One last thing that is awsome, you have full access to all your windows filesystem from ubuntu, even to you cant access anything in ubuntu from windows. I reccomend you isntall the 64 bit version if you are gonne dual boot. It runs faster. Your 8 gigs will only help when you run ram consuming apps like video editors etc. You probably wont be using the swap file much, and thats a good thing for speed.
      FInally let me add that it took my seom time to get into linux and ubuntu, but im gald im perservered, because now i dont know how i could live without it. THe ubuntuforums is your goto for help, and it never lets you down.

  18. I answered my 64 bit question, as there are 32/64 bit dl’s for Ubuntu. (bonk!)
    So 32 bit is limited to 4 gigs no matter the OS.
    Learning is FUN!

  19. I use ubuntu 8.10, why?

    Because of its ease of use,windows vista is a powerhog,install some programs and windows slows way down,then try the readyboost it works ok,but then it also slows after a while.

    I like ubuntu,im running it on a toshibal L305-S5865 that i bought from walmart,and of course it came with vista home premium pre-installed,until i got ubuntu 😉

  20. On point 22, Ubuntu does not defrag your Hard drive, actually EXT3 does not defrag at all, it uses indexing.
    When you write a file using windows, it looks for empty clusters and writes it down there, if the file is large, the file will be in different places of the Harddrive.This makes writting faster, and reading slower.
    Instead of that, Ubuntu first look for a space large enough for the whole file to fit in, this makes writting slower, but the reading is much faster, because there isn’t any fragmentation in the files, now that I come to think of it, along with the indexing, the longer you use ubuntu, the faster it will be 😉

  21. I’m brand spanking new to Ubuntu, but I have to say that I’m LOVING it already. I’ve used ME, XP and the worst of all, Vista and this Ubuntu baby rocks.

    On comment 21, I have to agree partially with the gaming. We hoped that we could load World of Warcraft in Ubuntu, but it was a no go, way too slow situation. However, we have six computers in our household of five so we had plenty of alternatives. We’re running 3 on XP, 1 on Vista (gag) and 2 on Ubuntu. The Ubuntu computers are strictly for web surfing, writing, etc., 2 of the XP’s are work computers so we have to stick with that, the Vista will be for WoW and the other XP will be too.

    It’s just that the surfing in Ubuntu is amazing! Such speed! I’m very impressed.

  22. Get your hippie friends on board by saying they’ll be fighting a “big powerful company.”

    Nice list by the way.

    @The People Worried about Viruses: If it ever happens, which I doubt, you can always simply install a new version of Linux.
    But we will have thousands of people fighting the few misbehaving people.

  23. We run World of Warcraft on Ubuntu using Cedega. We have not had any slowness issues. Runs just as fast as our xp pcs.

    I’m a few months new to Ubuntu but I am gradually getting around to getting everything working. I got my Palm sync’d today.

  24. I Installed Ubuntu on my sisters Laptop an Acer 5310 She does Not use it that much but she won’t sell it to me For some reason.Anyway its running Great she had Vista home basic and it was rubbish it has A 80 gb hard drive 31 gb C drive 31 Gb backup why would you need 31 gb backup for a start.and vista 18 gb Way too much space.Anyway she has never Used Ubuntu and she told me the other day that she will need it back and she has a friend who will put XP on it .For some reason Although Never even trying Ubuntu She wishes To install XP which means problems.Reasons to Use Windows over Ubuntu “Ubuntu don’t Advertise on T.V”

    • Support for XP (OEM versions) went out the Window (pun intended) on April 14th, 2009. Only the most critical of updates will be given out, and all support beyond that is for the retail only versions of XP. All support stops altogether on April 8th, 2014. Aside from all of this, the whole 32-bit architecture is going away as well. 64-bit is here to stay, so even IF she did use Windows XP, didn’t connect it to the Internet, didn’t get any updates, the software out there for 32-bit is going away much like 16-bit software went away when Windows95 came out and people were migrating over from Windows 3.1.1.

  25. Regarding this:

    “You don’t have to defrag your hard disk every now and then to boost the performance. Ubuntu does it for you automatically.”

    You don’t have to defragment the drive at all because the ext3 (and ext4) file systems operate differently than FAT and NTFS do. In the ext file system, the data is at the beginning of the drive and the free space is at the end, and this is where the new data is written to. On the FAT/NTFS systems, data is moved around all the time and new data is put in thos various places, thus fragmentation occurs. (Coincidentally, OS/2 Warp doesn’t have file fragmentation either.)

    Ubuntu will do a disk check every 30 bootups, but that is different than a defrag (and it’s actually more akin to a Windows scandisk)

  26. Hi dude…well good points about ubuntu…i have a question to ask u….i have tried ubuntu 9.04 with all its features except the compiz fusion software…bec of no graphics driver…so i shifted to lower version of ubuntu i.e 8.04…..now the problem with ubuntu 8.04 is i am not able to use bsnl broadband in it(cannot configure)….but i easily configured it in 9.04…please give a soln to this problem as soon as possible…so tht i can shift to ubuntu 8.04…and leave windows

  27. I have been using Ubuntu for only a few eeks now. Why did I change from XP? Because my damn BIOS is gone, and Windows will not load. I have an embedded BIOS chip which is hell to fix. Isn’t it amazing that Windows will not work at all on my machine, yet Ubuntu behaves like a dream.

    F**k Microsoft Corporation!

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  32. Just to disagree with two of your reasons: 🙂
    1. You don’t have to get Microsoft Office in ANY operating system, and OpenOffice works on Windows
    2. Are you seriously trying to tell me Linux is better for gaming?

    Just my 2 cents xD

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  34. I’ve been using Xubuntu Linux for the past few weeks. I resented Microsoft’s monopoly on desktop systems. The cost is hidden when you buy a new PC, but with Windows you are still having to spend money on an operating system that will allow you to access the internet. I spent three years moving to portable apps for Windows. If I couldn’t get away from Windows I would at least use software that didn’t need registering. But in the end, even that was too much hassle.

    One day I was looking at Ubuntu and came across Xubuntu and gave it a go. I think Ubuntu / Xubuntu as an OS is great. It does everything I require. The fact that there are many great apps available for free is even better. Yes, I used pirated software when I was using Windows – who hasn’t? But now I feel I’m completely legal – and I like that feeling.

    In the few weeks I’ve been using Ubuntu my knowledge has increased dramatically, even to the point that I’m happy using the command line – which I think is a great facility.

    All that said, I still needed to use Microsoft Excel for some development work involving visual basic. I tried Wine to run Excel, but it was too flaky. Tried a combination of Wine + Bordeaux, but although this was better, it still wasn’t perfect. Then I came across VirtualBox – absolutely fantastic. The ease with which I could setup a virtual XP environment was great. Now I have a virtual XP OS with MS Excel in it and it works perfectly. Now I can happily use Ubuntu Linux for all my day-to-day data processing, but am still able to develop with Excel when I need to.

    I won’t be using a Windows OS for my own computing ever again. My move to Ubuntu was absolute, no dual-boot or use of a Live CD. Out went Windows and on went Ubuntu. It’s a great OS to use and the support from the community is very good.


  35. I used to be an Ubuntu fanboy, until I was embarrassed by Ubuntu too many times when using it to introduce new users to Linux. I’ll be brief, but here are my two major objections, and a recommendation:

    1. – Ubuntu is built on a Linux distribution called “Debian Unstable (currently “Sid”).” Debian Unstable is, as the word implies, un-friggin’ stable. It is not intended for use by newcomers to Linux. It is simply too volatile.

    2. – Ubuntu, in it’s quest to satisfy some adolescent need for “the latest and greatest, prettiest and shiniest” software, has included Beta software (Grub2, PulseAudio) by default – even in it’s Long-Term-Support releases. This is stuff that is great when it works, but when it doesn’t, it gives even experienced Linux users headaches. What the hell do they expect a newbie to do with it?

    While I appreciate Ubuntu’s efforts to make Linux “friendly,” the foundation they build it on and the race to include the latest stuff, makes Ubuntu a high-risk venture, especially for newcomers. And it is unconscionable to give Beta software to newbies and expect them to be just fine with it!

    I always point newcomers to MEPIS (built on Debian Stable) or to CentOS, both of which are rock-stable and free of experimental stuff. Far better suited for newcomers and far less risky!

    If you’re sick of “Windows rot” and Windows bloat; if you wish you could switch to Mac but can’t afford the expense, Linux is a nice desktop option for many (but not all) users. Gaming? Pft. That’s what the Playstation is for. School work, music, internet, “normal” computer stuff? Linux works great. But NOT Ubuntu… not for newcomers!! Newcomers need a STABLE, low-risk distro. That’s MEPIS.



  36. windows adoption 85%+ , Linux adoption less than 2% , Open source is not exclusive to Linux , Open Office , gimp , thunderbird , firefox and so on will run perfectly on windows as well , As for this constant mention of windows security problems – the reality is hackers and malicious users are always gonna be around , it makes sense that they will go after the most popular OS instead of wasting time on other desktop platforms like Linux , BSD and so on which are not that wide spread.

    Windows is not a perfect system , it does have its flaws when it comes to stability , security and cost but which OS is perfect anyway ?

    Dual booting is another reason why linux people shoot themselves in the foot – you think ubuntu is the best OS ever right , then why do you still have windows installed as a dual booted OS ?

    Microsoft revolutionized the computing world by providing reasonably easy to use and affordable computing solutions to the general public , if Linux distros like Ubuntu could come up with something unique and revolontionary instead of pointing out windows flaws all the time maybe you would stand a chance at beating windows.

  37. All old used PC’s i get in the shop get referbed and leave with ubuntu installed. Great for low cost college student computers. Linux comunity, you guys are awesome!

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  40. I recently switched to Linux and im not looking back again at windows. Firstly, Linux is much more stable than windows, few crashes, no need to reboot due a certain program’s failure, easy to update and no hassle of which is the best antivirus and disk defragmenter and God knows what else.
    Another major reason is the Linux machine does not slow down after some especially the time between the appearance of the desktop and a usable desktop which gets terribly long after some time on windows. No continuous notifications at the bottom right corner to disturb you as well

  41. I hope to install ubuntu 10.04 tomorrow but i’m concerned about adobe cs3, and other windows based programs on linux. Wine sounds complicated, with run’n wine each time i want to run .exe. Isn’t there a better choice?

    • Dear George,

      Dont worry about the adobe CS3… When you are installing the windows softwares in linux, U will feel somewhat yuck… But after that installation, it is something like windows “Double clicking” job…. Otherwise U can use the GIMP yaar… Nowadays its having the graphics editing feature also…

      Otherwise if you want to install the windows software in linux as you are doing in windows use the GUI version of “Wine”, “Codeweavers Linux crossover”… You definitely like the crossover…

      With love

      Jeyadheepan K

  42. Dear all,

    I want to share something here, as i experienced the things personally in both Ubuntu and Windows…

    Ubuntu stops its operation and makes us to stop the PC, when the temperature of the Processor exceeds the preferable range… (I dont know whether this is drawback of Linux or not…? But Go ahead with the next para of this writing, you will get whether it is good or bad…)

    I am using the Windows vista in the same PC, but it is good that it keeps on working in the exceeded temperature range also… (U think, it is good…?) At last what happened…? A fantastic white fumes came from the processor and now i am using a new processor… How great the windows is…? So Windows made me to have a new processor… isn’t it…?

    So “Windows” – “Jai Ho….”
    “Ubuntu” – “Down down”

    Ha ha ha…

    With love
    Jeyadheepan K
    Project Scientist
    Indian Institute of Technology
    Kanpur – 208016

  43. Posted by Jeyadheepan K on September 2, 2010 at 2:56 PM

    Dear all,

    I want to share something here, as i experienced the things personally in both Ubuntu and Windows…

    Ubuntu stops its operation and makes us to stop the PC, when the temperature of the Processor exceeds the preferable range… (I dont know whether this is drawback of Linux or not…? But Go ahead with the next para of this writing, you will get whether it is good or bad…)

    I am using the Windows vista in the same PC, but it is good that it keeps on working in the exceeded temperature range also… (U think, it is good…?) At last what happened…? A fantastic white fumes came from the processor and now i am using a new processor… How great the windows is…? So Windows made me to have a new processor… isn’t it…?

    So “Windows” – “Jai Ho….”
    “Ubuntu” – “Down down”

    Ha ha ha…

    With love
    Jeyadheepan K
    Project Scientist
    Indian Institute of Technology
    Kanpur – 208016

  44. I own a computer repair company and I can’t tell you how many calls I go on because guys go on porn sites and click on every link they see and the next thing you know, their computer died or has all types of virus related problems. I did some ‘research’ (I swear it was research, honey!), and visited all sorts of XXX rated sites to see if I could catch some kind of Trojan, redirect virus, malware, spyware, etc… after I had loaded Ubuntu on one of my PC’s. NOT ONE PROBLEM OCCURRED as a result. I guess it wouldn’t be politically correct in today’s political arena to advertise this, but you can go to all those types of websites and not worry about screwing up yours (and your wife’s) computer as long as you’re using any version of Linux. Ubuntu is my favorite Linux OS because of how user-friendly it’s become.

  45. the only reason im still on windows is cuz of the enormous amount of accounts and passwords that i keep track of with Roboform which i can not export to any linux based os, it’s a disgrace that the peeps at Siber Systems don’t even have a limited version for linux based os’s

  46. I just move to Ubuntu, this is older but nice list, so I will add:
    No additional graphics and sound drivers, no restart, everything is offered to you at one click, you can use also skype, google chrome, opera, and default firefox, docky (and other docks) if you want MacOS alike dock bar, take easy screenshots (just click PrtSc and you will save your desktop), Ubuntu OS version in your native language and many more. Very stable and you will get things done with Ubuntu.

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  48. Hi friends i have installed ubuntu ultimate edition(1.31 gb) with my windows xp few days back, it is working fine but i am totally blank in this linux world i.e i dont know any programming or coding. I am unable to connect it to internet as i do it in windows xp through nokia pc suite.
    Please help me step by step for running internet in ubuntu. I am using nokia x3 mobile as modem and tata docomo sim.

  49. Sounds great, but your grammar and spelling leave a lot to be desired. Also are there any serious music DAWS for ubuntu I use logic 8 pro on MAC and use reason cubase and ableton live with wavelab 5. Are any Linux apps up to the challenge. I had ubuntu on my laptop lack of programs and support for my lexicon sound card forced me to go back to MAC and Windows. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Ta

  50. If it wasn’t for several programs I use for some technical stuff, such as RSlogix (Allen Bradley PLC, SX programmer (Fuji Electric PLC) and a few others. I wouldn’t need windows on my laptop at all. Presently I have a dual boot laptop but prefer Ubuntu, and use it regularly

  51. Nice list. The only flase point was the second one. Ubuntu does come with open office, but open office is free for windows users as well. No one has to pay for open office, so you don’t save 200 dollars there.

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  56. Thanks for the Post Dude, i love Ubuntu, but my wife gets wild when she switch on my laptop, coz she can not work on it 😦 Am planning to have a Partition in it, or need to buy her a new laptop 🙂

    Anyways thanks for the Post and i recommend it 🙂

  57. Ubuntu sucks! After a few attempts at trying out the live CD, installed it. The user interface is very nice, I like it. The functionality is poor. You have to click on things several times. Only After several attempts of clicking on it, will it work. Its slightly like a mac, the tool bars to apps are on the top, not used to that. Things are hidden, its not where you want it to be.

  58. when i installed ubuntu latest version….my os windows was deleted…but now iam using ubuntu and started working on it…………

  59. 1. K
    2. OpenOffice is free… You could simply download for Windows if you wanted to.
    3. Well you still need a computer. Generally, most don’t upgrade their computers anyway.
    4. Like anything, people are going to find something to complain about. I’ve had little problems in Windows 7 and I’ve heard people have many problems with 12.whatever. Also vice versa.
    5. Arguably the best virus scanner for Windows is free… Essentials. Pair that with Malware Bytes (also free) and you have a protected PC with very little resources being used.
    6. Meh. Hardly a hassle to install a few basic programs. I can see your point though.
    7. Honestly never had a problem with this. I don’t problems with Windows 7 so I never install the updates other than the security ones.
    8. Fair.
    9. What?
    10. I really don’t think people who use pirated software care if it’s legal. However, there’s place you can do the same with legal software as well.
    11. Personally, that’s part of the fun. Trying to find the best software… I like the variety.
    12. Hello, internet? Heard of it?
    13. A good point.
    14. I thought there’s one that does that for Windows? Anyhow, who even uses that outdated stuff anymore?
    15. I do enjoy this feature very much.
    16. I guess. While I said that most don’t upgrade their computers often, most also buy a new one when their’s get old.
    17. Vista.
    18. I don’t know of many who constantly upgrade their os. It isn’t the iphone.
    19. Fair.
    20. I don’t know. I’ve never actually upgraded my os. I just purchase a new computer every so often and it’s usually already there.
    21. Can do the same in Windows.
    22. Technically you do have to defrag. Your point is just that you don’t have to open the program and press a few key strokes? Then set your defrag to a schedule and it does it itself. Many free defragment programs out there as well. Most are I believe. I prefer MyDefrag.
    23. Now you’re just reaching. Don’t have to go the store? lol.. There had to be a better key point than that.
    24. Thousands of Windows forums out there.
    25. I loath Windows support, but it’s also there too.

    Btw, I dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7. Each have their drawbacks and benefits.

  60. Good points.
    I dual boot Windows and Ubuntu, the reason being that where I study the only support Windows, but Linux is the BEST, because you customise your computer by only installing things which you use, everything which you don’t need you don’t install and you don’t have to.

  61. That could be truth, but if you think you have to have some knowledge about what you are doing, then using Linux is a great thing to do, but if you are new in business, you’ll have to stay back or take some lessons before starting using Linux. I’m using Fedora and like any other Linux distro has it nasty parts with driver support with setting up some applications and more that in the end are working, but if you know what are you doing Linux could be the smartest choice that you ever made.

  62. > Play hundreds of games for Free.

    Haha. Those wretched ‘indie’ games which look like some 1995 or 2000 at best?
    Linux sucks at games. And Wine doesn’t help much, it’s but lame crutches in one’s useless tries to make a Windows game run under Ubuntu?
    I became an Ubuntu user 6 month ago and some part of me regrets that since I can’t run games I FLAWLESSLY ran in WinXP.

  63. Forget other distros yet, even Ubuntu has a learning curve. For those people who have been bought up on windows, its a totally different world. You have to re-learn how to use a computer. The games do suck tho, they look like they are from the 1950’s. The ubuntu interface nice.

    Installed Ubuntu on my virtual machine, thinking if it goes well, i’ll run it as a dual-boot, but the learning curve to use a computer again is a bit steep. Its not always so easy to find things where you want them to be after being bought up on windows nor is how to do things and if you try to use text from linux into windows its a bit messy.

    With all these great things being said about linux, its time more new computers got linux installed on than windows. So, I havent found any computer shop that has pc’s with linux on it. However, being all free is good for people on a budget because windows costs an arm and leg but Ubuntu or linux is like you can get it from the flea market together with an old computer! lol

    At the moment im back on my Windows 7, the last system i used was Window XP but MS have made windows 7 totally rock solid.

  64. I’m an IT pro, and have been in the industry since about 1995. I started with DOS, moved into HPUX/AIX/FreeBSD and then mostly into Windows. Windows, like any OS, after you use it a while you hit snags in your daily tasks that annoy you. So after a while, and after a few releases, you think “Boy, this sucks, how about this Linux thing?”.

    I’ve installed all sorts of unix/Linux distros over the year, and have never found a decent use for them. I lost the RAID controller in my box at home recently and decided to run Linux off a big thumb drive I had. I wanted to give it a real fair shake, and this seemed like a good opportunity.

    I understand the memory stick is slower to access stuff, and do NOT count that against the OS in any way, the fact that I can install and run the OS off the memory stuck is absolutely great in itself.

    However this article is completely, well, incorrect.

    To put it short:
    1. Cost
    2. Cost
    3. Cost
    4. Windows isn’t unstable until users break things
    5. Cost
    6. Lie, you *will* have to install additional apps, I had to install quite a few
    7. Opinion, and very few users can “hunt down bugs” in *nix.
    8. Not all software is integrated in
    9. I typically go months without restarting my windows PC.
    10. Cost
    11. Cost
    12. Cost
    13. Yes, even with *nix, if you install a bunch of memory resident crap, your system WILL slow down
    14. Plenty of IM’s in windows can talk to multiple clients
    15. Too bad multiple monitor support is pathetic and problematic. Alt-tab is worse on *nix.
    16. Ok sure, linux requires slightly less resources. I’ll giv eyou that.
    17. Massively graphic interfaces aren’t for everybody, and slow down *everything* regardless of OS/hardware.
    18. Cost
    19. Cost
    20. Windows does this too.
    21. Sure, if you dig down into the OS you can tweak stuff, but thats too hard for most, and its easier to do in Windows
    22. So does windows
    23. Sure, and it gets updated monthly so you have to *keep* reinstalling to be updated
    24. Too bad so many of those users are, well, not very nice to newbs.
    25. You can still get support for MS OS’s 10 years after launch, so 5 years is crap.

    While I have decided to go back to Windows (even Windows 8, which I hate the new interface and find it HIGHLY annoying, but can work around it) I’ll list my own reasons, as unbiased and realistic as possible, to use Linux (Ubuntu inparticular).

    Reasons to use Linux over Windows.
    #1. Cost. Linux is free. However your PC probably came with a Windows license, so this isn’t that big a deal. Open office runs on both Linux and Windows, so the MS Office price argument is irrelevant. Perhaps if you lost your key, want to be totally honest, and had to reinstall your OS, you’d consider Linux.
    #2. Live CDs. Want to give your kids an OS they can’t break? Give them a live CD. This is a whole OS on a CD. While not the fastest, any changes go away with a reboot. Plus, they can use it and not touch your windows install. Anything they break is easily fixed. No more calls from your grandmother on how to get rid of a virus she just got.
    #3. You love to tinker, and keep hitting limitations of the Windows OS. This is for the folks that want to see every single thing their OS is doing, and be able to make little changes to it. There are *very* few people who do this, and if you are one of them, you’d never make it to this blog.
    #4. While not impossible, it is MUCH harder to get malware, viruses, Trojans, etc, on Linux. However an educated user shouldn’t be getting these anyway on any OS.
    #5. You deal exclusively with Java apps. Java apps run great in Linux, and horribly in Windows. Since you use Linux and are already used to the horrible interface, java fits right in.

    And to be fair:

    Reasons to use Windows over Linux:
    #1. Games. The freebies in Linux blow.
    #2. The interface is much smoother, easier to use, more intuitive
    #3. The community is 10x bigger, so if you have a problem, google will give you a step by step answer with just a well worded query
    #4. Hardware support is better. While Linux will work with most stuff, it won’t work quite the same. Especially when it comes to video.
    #5. While applications may cost money with Windows, they are *better* applications. I don’t mean better in one way or another, I mean better in *every* way. The interfaces are better, the controls better, the versatility better, just better applications.
    #6. If your a programmer, or want to be, .NET is awesome compared to C, Java, Python, PHP, etc.

    Here are the things that annoy me most so far:
    #1. The interface is so crappy. 1985 called, it wants its GUI back. The Ubuntu unity interface isn’t nearly as good as even 95, much less Win7 or Win8.
    #2. I have a dozen hard drives in my machine. And while I’m sure I can go into some config file and make it so they are drive letters or something, its silly that I have to mount them at all.
    #3. Open office is, well, free. Its the ghetto version of office. Calc simply can’t hold a candle to Excel, sorry. I can’t really speak for the other apps.
    #4. The free games out there are crap, pure and simple.
    #5. I have 2 video cards with 4 monitors. Luckily they are both NVidia cards, and I was eventually able to see all 4 of them. However, each pair are treated as 1 stretched monitor (Trueview I think, but it didn’t work without it) so when you maximize a window, the center is in the bevel of 2 monitors. Perhaps I can fix it, but not with the NVidia settings, and I simply don’t want to have to go through a bunch of config files to do so (granted, those config files are text, which is a perk an beats the registry IMO)
    #6. Wtf, no task manager without going to a command prompt??? Oh wait, I can search through a bunch of crappy apps looking for one, but the best I could find wasn’t even mediocre.

    And a disclaimer. There are always exceptions to just about every bullet I listed, but exceptions aren’t what should be used to educate folks. I also used the OS about a week, which is hardly a really fair shake. However, if it can’t sell me in a week, what time frame do you really think it could?

    I spend a lot of time with powershell, in DOS (command prompt for the younger folks), vbscript, batch files, and a lot of vb.net/asp.net and occasional javascript. I am more of a jack of all trades when it comes to IT rather than a specialist, but I’ve done a bit of everything, from enterprise architecture at Compaq/EDS to lowly “grunt who knows how to type” in the Army.

    If you are dead broke, paranoid, or surf the web only, Linux ain’t bad for the price. If you want to be productive, stick with Windows.

    If your bored, toss in a live CD (optionally install to a USB drive you have sitting around), tell yourself NOT to boot back into windows a week or two, and come to your own conclusion.

  65. Oh, and 1 more thing I forgot. If you have a serious issue with Malware, Trojans, Viruses, etc, if you don’t want to educate yourself so you don’t get these things (I haven’t gotten any of those in decades, and don’t even run an AV), Linux may not be a bad idea for you.

  66. Excellent article. I’m just about to boot Mr Gates’ pension fund into touch and was freaked out at the thought of losing files etc in the crossover to Ubuntu. The realisation i would be chained to endless updates and new editions of windows was enough to send me to pastures new. Thanks for the heads up.

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  71. Keep in mind that this is a 5 year old post. Ubuntu 12.4 is leaps and bounds better now on all levels. I used Ubuntu a few years back and just couldn’t take it. Now, it is much, MUCH better and more stable. I would choose it over Windows 8 any day.


    -Ubuntu is free (Windows and Apple $$ every 5 minutes).
    -More secure (Built better from the Kernel up and constantly redone. 1000x more secure.)
    -More private (Windows & Apple STALK your every move with log files).
    -More up to date (New updates every 6 months and bakery fresh).
    -Uses less system resources (Windows is a resource HOG from HELL).
    -No need to defrag
    -Free of unnecessary propitiatory software
    (and the list goes on and on…)

    -Learning curve (it IS hard to get used to if you’re coming in from say Windows XP, it DOES take a few MONTHS to learn where everything is at. It’s almost as hard to learn a new version of Windows though. The filesystem especially… for example /home, root etc. are hard to get the hang of. The folders are now much, MUCH better than they used to be though and easier to locate for the casual user.
    -Many things are incompatible… in a way. If you know how to use WINE (Windows Emulator) then things are actually MORE compatible though, since you can run BOTH Windows & Linux (and yes, you can run Apple with other emulators too). The absence of little things like Windows Media Player and other windows stuff can add up fast though. You will have to relearn most of your new software.
    -You will STILL have to run Windows (In an emulator at least) at some point… no matter what (For example, certain .gov sites, job apps, school websites or anything else that requires Internet Explorer). Plus, it’s just a fact that most ALL programs on the net are Windows first, then Apple… and maybe Linux if you’re lucky.
    – Perpetually in development mode (for better or for worse). Since Ubuntu is free and open source, it’s always being fixed, tweaked, updated, downgraded, changed and rearranged. It’s always ahead of Windows and Apple in the Tech dept. since it’s updated every six months though. It’s always fresher and more high tech looking. But… it IS buggy… no matter WHAT.
    -Command Line (terminal) My grandma will never, EVER hack the terminal… EVER. Ubuntu is the Linux OS that’s the most user friendly in terms of being able to download “packets” which are similar to the .exe files in Windows… but you WILL have to go in and use the terminal at times when things don’t go as planned. Yet another major complex, intimidating thing to switch over too… but it’s worth it.

    In the end, if you want an all around better OS than Windows or Apple, you have to be patient and relearn EVERYTHING. It’s kind of like the “teach a man to fish” metaphor. Some people would just rather go buy their fish and not have to mess with it. They would rather just throw money at it as opposed to learn. They’re also OK with having big brother watch and permanently log all of their internet activity… FOREVER. And mostly, they’re just too lazy, too impatient and/or aren’t computer literate enough to figure out how to use a real OS.

    It is what it is. Take your pick.

  72. Hi,
    Right now i am considering to use both windows ( my laptop still under warranty) and ubuntu (wubi installer) and after considering all the facts without bias to any of them i personally agree that windows and ubuntu pros however to install ubuntu in the mean time must be postpone as i afraid for any mistake happened during the installation…i guess i have to install ubuntu when i meet my friend in university as they more experienced in this kind of job

  73. I must say I’m a WIndows user. I know Linux is great and all, but I wouldn’t recommend a Windows user to use Ubuntu. I just went through all the steps and Windows beats Ubuntu at them all.
    As long as you pirate your software, are not stupid, doesn’t download viruses. And at last pirate the whole Windows OS.

  74. i’ve used a lot of ubuntu vesions & find the older versions much faster than the latest
    raring ringtail 13 is perhaps the best of ubuntu
    my son uses windows 7 for games & music,movies
    i use ubuntu for security reasons.both are good for diffrent reasons

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  76. Everybody uses windows… My reason is I dont want use to illegal OS I dont have 500 dollars and most important reason is “I must be different about most people”…

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  78. Hello! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any trouble with hackers?
    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing several weeks of hard work
    due to no data backup. Do you have any methods to prevent hackers?

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  80. i found that ubuntu is fast smooth and easy to use. it is aswome and great with bussiness and study but it still need to add some more for apps in software center cos it not enough like win app store , play store or app store. so i am a fan of ubuntu so i hope ubuntu team will add more apps in the software center. one more thing i hope ubuntu will support with tool and apps that Mac and Windows have.i love tecnology i want to try something new, thank you so much ubuntu team.

  81. I installed Ubuntu on my computer about 6 months ago, I struggled with it for months. despite spending lots of time on forums, asking questions and getting multiple answers I never managed to get it to print. Tried 3 different printers, all HP which I was assured would work, I even bought one especially for it without success.
    I eventually abandoned it and bought a new PC with Windows 7 and will never waste my time with Ubuntu again.
    I have used every operating system from Dos 5 to Windows 7 except for ME and Vista .

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  83. I switched to Kubuntu after my Windows crashed (not for first time, holy shit!) before 1 month.

    I can tell you that Kubuntu is better than Windows 7 menu and it’s beauty.

    The main problem is that most applications are for Microsoft Windows.

    Wine is running some windows apps but not all…

    Other problem is that it’s hard for begginers to understand how ubuntu actually works.

    I don’t expected we can download apps via terminal (on windows there is no such thing :P)

    I give 90/100 for ubuntu because I save much money and I feel free .

    I’ll probably install windows only if I need to study something important for web development…

  84. based on this article I installed Ubuntu on a freshly brand new out of the box laptop. and in 2 hours of Ubuntu I can tell you only one thing. UBUNTU SUCKS!

    The instalation was quite nice and quick from a flash drive with the latest version.
    however, mouse pad doesn’t work, when it supose to shut down or restart it doesn’t, it stays in limbo… firefox preinstalled it doesn’t work, network connection is plenty, web browser of ubuntu works. on this browser I looked for answers of my problems and most solutions solves trough writing code. how can I be productive if I have to create operating system, it suposed to be a system on wich I operate, I DO NOT CREATE every time I use.

    now I write from Windows 10 and I’m happy with that. looking forward to install the same on the new laptop.

    free is not the best just like expensive is not the best.

    and another thing, why you put close minimize and maxmize butons in the left upper corner??? it’s totaly not ergonomical, I do this moves on the right hand in an area where usualy I don’t work, as I read from left to right I will look instinctively to the left corner, where naturaly should be the menu butons that I need when I do something.

    well…Ubuntu is still in limbo

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  87. Hi Anurag,

    Your blog is very intresting, i have a windows pc but i dont want to replace the OS to UBUNTU. , i have read that we can boot into UBUNTU from a USB and work with UBUNTU , is this true ? If yes , can you pls siggest.me how to go about it.


  88. Avast support phone number is among the leading applications for offering the World class security, security, and privacy. Having installed at once in the body, you can get the whole solution for the different operating systems which range from Windows, Mac, and also mobile device.

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