What Twitter does after all?

twitter.png In my personal opinion, Twitter is the worst online communication tool. I never understood, what it actually does.

  • How it helps people being in touch?
  • What will people do knowing what I am (or anyone is) doing in the world?
  • I don’t understand why it is getting popular.
  • Why and how people like it?
  • Instead of wasting your time in twitter, why not people just go out and talk to someone in person. Go get some fresh air.
  • Don’t waste time, instead have a cup of coffee, tea or whatever.
  • The user interface is bad, no help, no vision, no mission.
  • If I had came across such site by mistake, I would have put it in junk mail.

Can you list at least one reason why you use Twitter by the way?

3 thoughts on “What Twitter does after all?

  1. Thanks Peter for dropping by.
    Yes, but if you see, the interface, you don’t have any friends or anything at all. You just keep scribing what you are doing right now and that’s it. How is it gonna help in communication unless you are talking to someone particular?
    When you compare it with Facebook and Orkut, at least you are talking to your friends and sending them messages, but I don’t think twitter does it that way.
    By the way, I am not a great fan of either of these. But I do use them to make new friends. I am not sure if in near future I will be using twitter though.

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