Infosys Silver Jubilee Celebration

Once again there is celebration time.


At this particular moment it is Infosys 25th Anniversary Celebration in Detroit region.


This Silver Jubilee Celebration is tentatively to be held on 30th September somewhere in Detroit region.


The exact venue and time is not decided yet and that decision will be based on the confirmation we will get from people, i.e. based on the number of people. So why don’t you provide the following details as a comment on the following link with the details motioned herewith:


(Please write your name for sure on the comment)



  1. Will you be coming to the celebration party?
  2. If yes, who will accompany you? Please give # of people.
  3. Are you vegetarian/non-vegetarian. (How many veg. and how many non-veg.)

Please update your details on or before Monday, 18th September 2006 by EOD (4.00pm). Please forward the link to those who are missed out in the email so that they can update their details too.

17 thoughts on “Infosys Silver Jubilee Celebration

  1. We shall be in.Accompanied by Wife and kid.
    Food Preferences:
    Me–Non-Veg and Veg both
    Kid–Does not know!!But Mom advises her to avoid me during food!!

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