Kensington Park Picnic Details

It’s party time again.

This time its a little different. And we are trying to organize it in a different way. First of all, be happy as it’s a family event. Second, we will enjoy the party with a touch of picnic in it. Third, you will get a chance to know a lot new faces in Plymouth campus.
Schedule – Half day event starting from 2pm on Saturday, 24th June.
Event – Picnic alongwith Snacks & drinks (only beer and soft-drinks); snacks include chips, burgers, pretzels, chicken etc. We all can enjoy playing volleyball, dumsie, antakshri etc. and can make it a happening family event.
We are trying to arrange everything in advance so that there is no shortage of anything. But for that we require your confirmation so that we can plan for everyone so as to avoid shortage or wastage. So I request everyone who is attending this event to leave a comment on this post with your confirmation and name in it
before 12pm tomorrow 23rd June 2006. Park internal map is attached here. For your information, there is a vehicle entry fees of $4 to enter the park which is to be borne by the participants. We are planning to meet at location A, if by any chance it is full, we will go to another location. For more information about the park. Click here for more park details…

Driving directions from Plymouth. Click here….

Kensington Metropark
2240 W. Bruno Road
Milford, MI 48380

Short Description about Kensington Park: A scenic 4,357 acre recreational facility that provides year-round fun for all ages. Its wooded hilly terrain surrounds beautiful Kent Lake. Attractions include the Island Queen excursion boat, swimming, picnicking, canoeing, scenic drives, ice skating, a nature center with nature trails, a farm center and a 6,378 yard challenging 18 hole par 71 public golf course. An official Michigan Wildlife Viewing Area.
If I have missed someone in the original mail, please forward the link to him too so that he can also join the team.
Hope everyone to have a nice time…..


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